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Q. I'd like to see more designs. Do you have a portfolio available?
   A.Yes! Architect Charles Koty's entire portfolio of home designs is available for purchase. The portfolio features a description of each plan, square footage, number of bedrooms and a floorplan. Note: actual plans must be purchased separately to begin construction of these homes.

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Q. What is included with each set of plans in my order?
    A. You'll receive complete construction blueprints, professionally drawn (in 1/4" scale) which contain all the necessary data to begin construction: floor plans, foundation plans, four elevations, sections, construction details, special details, window and door schedules, plumbing and electrical diagrams, construction notes, and outline specifications. A "materials list" for your specific house is also available.
Q. How many sets of plans should I order?
    A. Seven sets of plans are generally required to build. Allow for various subcontractors, lending institutions, building department, agencies (VA, FHA, etc.) and for your own records.

Q. Is it possible to build a house as the mirror-reverse of an existing plan?
     A. Yes. We offer "Mirror Reverse" plans (lettering and dimensions reading backwards) for a small surcharge per set. You will need at least one set of regular plans to read by. Contractors can work successfully, building by the reverse set, but reading from the regular plans.

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Q. Can I modify a design to meet my specific needs?
     A. Yes! Your contractor can make many changes in your blueprints with little trouble. For major revisions, consult with a local qualified professional. To save time and expense, we can provide reproducible, erasable vellums of the original blueprints at a reduced rate.

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Q. What if I need to provide an architect's seal? Can you provide this?
     A. Yes. We can provide the architect's seal and signature on the plans in the states of New York and New Jersey, at an additional charge. A minimum five-set order is required.

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Q. How much will it cost to build a National Home Plans, Inc. house?
   A. Estimated costs vary considerably depending on labor, materials, interior finishes, geographic location, etc. We recommend that you consult with a local expert to learn the average building cost per square foot in your area. Multiply this amount by the square footage of living area given with the plan. A helpful "Materials List" for your specific house is also available.

Q. What about insulation? Can I build with 2" x 6" exterior walls?
   A.Yes. Blueprints provide details for 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" exterior wall construction. Exterior wall insulation: R=19. Attic insulation: R=30.

Q. Can I build the house with a basement?
   A.Yes. Basically, all blueprints provide for a basement plan as well as "slab-on-grade" plans.

Q. How do I get more information?
   A.Send us an email at, or call (516) 876-9740 for any additional questions.


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